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Medical Social Service

Medical Social Service Programs

The gist of the sough-after medical social service MTCMC revolves around two areas. On the one hand, we conduct superior Medical Social Service Programs for the restoration of social functioning of the patients through mediating, facilitating, and mobilizing internal and external resources (internal- within patient and family members; external- within hospital and community) and other health related needs of the patient and family members.

Medical Social Work, on the other, deals with the social development of patients and their families as related to their medical and health problems. It may include:

  • Psychosocial assessment to evaluate individual relationships and social support network, coping mechanisms and degree of distress, understanding of the illness/injury and treatment, capacity to adapt to change, and socioeconomic situation.
  • Referral, networking, linkages
  • Discharge planning and problem solving which may include assistance regarding financial assistance
  • Coordination of post-hospital care plans to reintegrate the patient into his family and community.
  • Follow-up to ensure psychosocial adjustment after an illness or hospitalization.
  • Counseling, e.g. for patients suffering from cancer, permanent disability, loss and interpersonal relationship problems.
  • Crisis intervention for patients who have been assaulted by their spouses or family members, or who have attempted suicide.