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Rules and Regulations


  1. Children 7 years & below are not allowed inside the hospital / rooms to avoid the risk of acquiring patient illness / disease, unless they are scheduled for medical check-up. If they insist to bring the child to the patient’s room, 1(one) relative should sign a waiver of consent with the approval of the attending physician.

  3. Visiting Hours shall be strictly implemented as follows:
    9:00 am – 9:00 pm

    • Patients in private rooms however may entertain visitors anytime until 10:00 pm with their permission.
      Limiting visiting hours in wards and semi-private room is intended to give patients privacy and rest.

    • Only two watchers are allowed to stay for the night with patients in private rooms.
      For patients in the wards and semi-private rooms, only one watcher is allowed to stay for the night.

  5. This is a “NO SMOKING” hospital (including in the driveway), drinking alcohol beverages, washing of laundry, gambling and cooking inside the hospital is strictly prohibited.

  7. All bags and packages may be subjected to inspection by our security personnel before and after entering the hospital premises.

  9. Firearms and other deadly weapons shall be deposited with our security personnel, where it shall be properly receipted.

  11. No “bon-bon” beds or similar furniture’s shall be allowed to be brought inside the hospital.

  13. Appliances requiring electrical consumption shall be charged the necessary fees before it can be used inside the hospital. Appliances or devices to be brought inside the hospital must be logged in by the Security Guard.

  15. You may be allowed to order foods and drinks from outside establishments. However, such food and drinks shall be deposited and picked up at the hospital lobby. Messengers shall not be allowed to deliver them to the patients’ rooms for security reasons.

  17. Please observe cleanliness by throwing your garbage in the trash cans provided in your rooms. Avoid throwing anything in the toilet bowls to prevent clogging. Our housekeeping services shall be available at all times to assist you in your needs.
    Trashcans are color coded. Please follow proper trash disposal.
    Yellow – INFECTIOUS

  19. Keep valuables in your rooms as much as possible. Always keep your personal belongings with utmost care. The hospital management shall not be responsible for any losses inside your rooms. The management shall however ensure that strict security measures shall be instituted at all times.

  21. Please report any suspicious people that you may notice during your stay to any hospital personnel. Our personnel has prescribed uniforms and identification tags.

  23. Please help ensure silence and order by encouraging your visitors to observe visiting hours. This would allow other patients privacy and rest.

  25. For your personal safety please familiarize yourself with the fire exits near you. A fire exit floor plan shall be provided visibly in your room. Rests assure however that our personnel are adequately prepared to deal with such emergencies.

  27. Please don’t forget to fill up our evaluation forms. Our Patients Relations Representative will collect the forms before you discharge. Your important comments and suggestions shall be kept confidential, and shall be used to help improve our services.