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State-of-the-Art Facilities

emergency room complex general treatment area photo

Emergency Room Complex General Treatment Area

Area for rendering initial care.

emergency room complex observation room photo

Emergency Room Complex Observation Room

  • Area for patients who are under observation for less than 24 hours
  • For patients who need hydration and observation without being admitted
  • Used also for blood transfusion and chemotherapy


emergency room complex critical care area photo

Emergency Room Complex Critical Care Area

Area for patients who are critically ill and need intensive care prior to admission.

emergency room complex trauma room photo

Emergency Room Complex Trauma Room

Where minor operations and procedures are done at the ER like suturing, emergency deliveries, thoracostomies, etc.


ICU photo

Medical – Surgical Intensive Care Unit

  • It has 7 beds with an isolation room.
  • Especially designed for patients requiring intensive monitoring and critical care.
delivery rooms photo

Labor and Delivery Rooms

Spacious and comfortable labor rooms and fully equipped delivery room with infant warmer.


Nursery photo


Where well babies are brought after birth prior to rooming in.

Neonatal ICU photo

Neonatal ICU

  • Where critically ill neonates particularly the premature neonates are brought for critical care monitoring and treatment.
  • For inpatients (NICU) and out-born cases (OUTBORN NICU)



Pediatric ICU

Specially equipped areas designed for the treatment of pediatric patient with sudden-life threatening conditions. These contain resuscitation and monitoring equipment and are staffed by personnel trained and skilled in recognition and immediate responding to cardiac and other emergencies.


Out-born ICU

Special and specific areas responsible for out-born babies requiring tertiary level care.


clinical laboratory photo

Clinical Laboratory (Tertiary Level)

Aims to help the physician by providing accurate and precise diagnostic laboratory results and services in the fields of clinical microscopy, hematology, microbiology, histopathology, clinical chemistry, immunology-serology and blood bank services.

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operating room photo

12 Operating Room Theaters

Fully equipped operating suites.

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Heart Station photo

Heart Station

Offers electrocardiogram (ECG), treadmill stress test, 2D ECHO, non-invasive ultrasound, and holter monitoring services.

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Pulmonary Laboratory photo

Pulmonary Unit

Offers pulmonary functions test, blood gas analysis, incentive spirometry, IPPB, CPAP, nebulization, etc.

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radiology photo

Radiologic Imaging Department

Offers wide range of diagnostic radiological procedures such as CT scan, MRI, Mammogram, Ultrasound, and X-ray

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pharmacy photo


  • Assures availability of quality and affordable drugs and medicines.
  • 24-hour service (OPD & IPD)


hmo photo

Accredited HMOs and Industries

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medical arts building photo

Medical Arts Building

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